Treatment for Spider Veins


If you are bothered by the small clusters of red, blue or purple veins that appear on the thighs, calves and ankles-you are not alone.  It is estimated that at least half of all women are bothered by this common aesthetic problem.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection (generally a salt solution) into each affected vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade.

The number of veins injected in one session varies, and depends on the size and location of the veins, as well as the general medical condition of the patient.  An average of three to four treatments is required in most cases.

This is a safe relatively painless procedure performed in our office with no noticeable downtime or significant restrictions, except for avoiding excessive sun exposure to the treated sites for several weeks.  Most leg veins, except for the large protuberant varicose veins can be treated this way.