Men, don’t forget YOU are affected by declining hormone levels as well!  It’s called andropause, and while it’s not quite as dramatic as women’s hormone deficiency, it can be just as debilitating.  When we see a male patient in his 40’s to 60’s with fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, or depression, we immediately check his testosterone level.

For males, we measure testosterone, estrogen and other related hormones.  In most cases, we find that men have low testosterone levels.  At Performance Medicine, we use several methods such as testosterone injections, creams and pellet implants to correct these hormone levels.

If a man wants to remain slim, he needs his testosterone level to be normal.  However, if his testosterone is declining, weight gain is predisposed.  The more fat a man contains, the more he converts his testosterone to the female hormone estrogen through a process called aromatization!  Increased estrogen levels in men then lead to an increased risk of heart disease and prostate disease.

You do not have to decline as your testosterone levels decline.  There are safe ways to increase your levels.  It will make a world of difference in how you feel and perform in almost every facet of your life.  Plus, it is very safe.  Like anything, your levels need to be monitored by a doctor who cares and knows what he or she is doing.