Every successful weight loss story is different. There are different struggles for different people. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to lose weight. Most diets work if you follow them. Over the years though, we have noticed three things that every successful weight loss story has:

You have to have a reason why

This is critical, and yet most people over look it. Why do you want or need to lose weight? It has to be powerful. It has to mean something. Most importantly, it has to come from you. It can’t come from anyone else. Not a doctor. Not a trainer. It’s your reason why.

You have to have a tool

A tool can be a number of things. The HCG Diet is a tool. The Ketogenic Diet is a tool. A workout plan could even be a tool. The tool you use should depend on where you are at, and how committed you are. For example, with the HCG diet you can’t cut corners. If you do, it won’t be nearly as effective and you might as well try something else. The tool matters, because actually using the tool matters. A mediocre diet that you follow, is better than the best diet in the world that you don’t follow.

You have to have accountability

In our experience, people gain the weight back when they stop coming into our office regularly. Just seeing a nurse for a Vitatrim shot or a weigh in can be the difference between keeping the weight off and gaining it back. It can be a best friend, mentor, or sibling. Ask someone to call you once a week to ask how you did that week. We all need accountability. And it’s powerful.

The methods might change, but these three things will not. To successfully lose weight, and keep it off, you have to have a reason why, a tool, and accountability.