When I practiced as a regular doctor, I rarely ever gave a shot or an IV. Now as a more well rounded, educated, functional integrative medical doctor, I do shots and IV’s every single day.


Well, because it works! When you’re really sick or dehydrated, it works about 100 times faster through an IV (Intravenous) or IM (Intramuscular) than through an oral medication.

My dad always told me that shots worked better than the pill. He was right.

The Vitatrim Shot and Vitamin D3 Shot

Our most popular shot is the Vitatrim shot, which contains the natural active form of B12 known as hydroxocobalamin.

So what’s in a Vitatrim shot? Here’s a full list of what’s in it:
– Methionine 12.4mg
– Inositol 25mg
– Choline 25mg
– B1 (Thiamine) 50mg
– B2 (Riboflavin) 5mg
– B6 (Pyridoxine) 2mg
– B12 (Hydroxo) 1000mcg
– Carnitine 125mg

We use this Vitatrim shot to help people gain energy or help them with weight loss.

It’s also just a good thing to do. We’ve found that most people are deficient in B12.

Note: We never use cyanocobalamin, which is the synthetic form of B12 that contains cyanide. This is the most commonly used B12 out there.

You can take Vitamin D through IM as well. This is a Vitamin D shot that has 50,000 units of D3 that you take IM. It’s another way to get you better a lot quicker.

IV Therapy

We most often do IV Therapy when someone is dehydrated, dragged out, fatigued or sick.

If you run a liter of fluid (saline, which represents fluid in your blood), it will replenish you really quickly.

In office we call these “Executive IV’s”, because we will have people get them after they take a red eye flight, or if they’re just kind of wound down.

A recent example is this past week my son Andy (My Friend Andy to many of you), got sick with a stomach virus. As you might know he’s a Type 1 Diabetic, so we ran a liter of normal saline in him to not only get him better but also to get his sugars normalized. He immediately felt better.

The next day he had planned on going on a ski trip with friends, but he was still dragged out.

Thinking about cancelling the trip, we gave him a Myers’ Cocktail to try and get him feeling well enough to still go and have a good time. And it worked. He left the next morning.

The Myers’ Cocktail is the most common IV we give. It includes Magnesium, Calcium, the B vitamins and Vitamin C. It really turned Andy around this past week. It helps your immune system, reduces fatigue, seasonal allergies, fibromyalgia and probably asthma. It also helps with chronic sinusitis and colds.

If you ever get the Flu, or just feel run down, think about an IV infusion. It helps you get better quickly.

Another popular IV we do is the High Dose Vitamin C IV. We use this for lots of things. Things like chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.

We can’t claim it cures cancer, but we certainly use it for cancer patients.

I’ve always said that if I got cancer, I’d do to things:
1) Get on a Keto Diet
2) Start IV Vitamin C infusions

I would certainly do the traditional treatments as well in addition to this.

The main point here is that if you’re sick, run down, or tired, you might want to try a shot or an IV instead of a pill. Especially if you can’t be out of work for a long period of time, get a shot or an IV. It will help you feel better, faster.

There’s also IM antibiotics you might want to consider when you’re sick.