My HCG Diet Story 
I’ve found that the HCG Diet is most useful for rapid weight loss, which I do prefer over slow weight loss.


On the HCG Diet, you can lose quite a bit of weight in a month. And it’s my belief that when patients can get off their medications and start to really feel better, they’re much more likely to keep the weight off than if you tell them to lose a pound a week.


That’s at least what I’ve found to be true over the years working with weight loss patients.


Many years ago a physician friend of mine asked me why I didn’t use the HCG Diet on my patients. At the time I hadn’t heard of it. He told me that he personally had lost over 40 pounds with it and kept it off for years and years. He’s still lean to this day.


I was skeptical at first. In fact, I forgot about it until another person came to me and told me their story with HCG.


This is when I first ordered some myself from a U.S. source of HCG, which is actually a fertility drug.


The first patient I used it on was a patient with Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.


This patient got off 6 medications and kept the weight off. He started exercising and changed the way he lived his life. This convinced me to start using the diet on my patients.


To this day I’ve done thousands of cases.


As you can see and probably already knew, I’m a believer in the HCG Diet.


How To Best Use The HCG Diet 
What I can’t emphasize enough is that it’s a tool to get the weight off.


It’s just a tool. This is fast weight loss, and it’s a time for us to reset the way you think about eating, take a look at your medications, and do some blood testing to find out about your metabolism.


HCG is just a quick way to get there. When you’re done with the diet we talk about metabolism and the changes we’re going to do to keep the weight off.


In my experience about half the patients who go on this diet keep the weight off long term, which is exponentially better than any other diet I’ve ever seen.


In the patients that I’ve seen keep the weight off, all of them are highly motivated and compliant. That seems to be the key to success with this diet.


It’s not an easy diet, but most people while on it feel better than they normally do.


It’s extremely safe if you do it right. The danger is in fact not losing the weight and getting metabolic syndrome.


With metabolic syndrome you’re at risk for not only heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, but also cancer and arthritis. Debilitating chronic diseases that relate to obesity, which is the main medical problem we face in the United States.


Side Note: We also have used HCG to boost testosterone levels.


HCG Update 
In the last few weeks, we’ve received news that we may not be able to use HCG for much longer. This happens a lot in healthcare when the FDA gets involved.


HCG has never been FDA approved for weight loss, but lots of things aren’t FDA approved. Taking an aspirin for cardiovascular disease is not FDA approved for example.


Just because a medication is not FDA approved for that use doesn’t mean a doctor can’t use it. Half of what physicians do is “off label”.


I believe the problem is that there are lots of people trying to make money off of HCG. There are non medical people who have given it a bad name, and now the FDA is going to crack down on some of it.


One thing I’ll tell you is that the FDA does not like compounding pharmacies, and you have to get HCG through compounding pharmacies that are totally legitimate.


You can probably get HCG on the internet from sources in China or India, but I highly suggest you don’t do that. You just don’t know what you’re getting.


What might happen with HCG is that they will take it off the market, and have big pharmaceutical companies manufacture it as the same drug for fertility.


Just so you know, when you take HCG as a fertility drug you’re taking 10,000 units of HCG. On the HCG Diet you’re only taking 125 units, which is just enough to make you not hungry and help you start shedding fat.


It will be approved as always as a fertility drug, but only big name pharmaceutical companies will be able to make it and the price will be very high and not affordable for most people.


So, if you’re interested in doing the HCG Diet I suggest you do it soon. We’re hearing that it may not be available. I’m hopeful that it will be, but you never know with the FDA.


Again, this may not happen. We’re just hearing noise that it could, so we’re giving you a heads up.


There are lots of other ways to lose weight, but this has been one that I’ve seen be very effective and am a huge fan of when done right with sterile, real HCG made in the United States.