I have been thinking of my own mom and all the things she taught me.


I’ve been reading through some of her journals recently, and there’s a few things she wrote that’s really resonating with me right now. Maybe it will resonate with you also.


“Slow down. Simplify. Be kind.”


“We work to become, not to acquire.”


She was a wise woman.


This week also gets me thinking about Jenny, my wife of 38 years and mother to our three kids. She’s done the majority of the work with our family, and has certainly been our rock.


There’s no way I would have started Performance Medicine 13 years ago without her beside me with her wisdom.


Women’s Health
Most of my patients have been women throughout my 35 years of being a doctor. They just come to the doctor more.


They spend their whole life with hormonal changes preparing to have kids, and then all of the sudden it drops off, they become menopausal, and they start to have hormone problems.


That’s why they come to us to help them figure it out.


That’s what we love to do.


We help them figure out why they may be gaining weight, or why their skin doesn’t look as good as it used to.


Their hair is thinning or they have brain fog. They’re worried about dementia.


Women get dementia 4 to 1 over men, and a lot of it is because of hormones. Probably all of it is because of hormones, not just because they live longer.


That’s why I like to put women on bioidentical hormones during that premenopausal era because it half’s their risk of dementia later in life.


I saw my mom suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. It’s heart breaking.


At Performance Medicine, we give you sound hormonal, nutritional advice. Advice on exercise, sleep and stress.


Everything we can do to help you live longer, have a longer health span, and just make you feel great because you deserve it.