Every week we do a LIVE Q&A show where I take questions from people on our Facebook page and our email list. We had a bunch of great questions this week that cover lots of different topics.

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Do you treat narcolepsy? How do you go about it? 

Yes I treat narcolepsy. It’s a condition where you’re not only not alert, you also fall asleep. Sometimes you can be talking and during the conversation nod off. It can be a very dangerous condition to have. It’s a real medical problem. A few years ago they came up with a drug for it called Provigil. The only problem with it at that time was that it cost too much to take. So it went generic and it’s not expensive at all now. Another one is called Nuvigil. It’s a class 4 drug, which means it’s a controlled substance, but it’s very safe and it works. This condition is very commonly overlooked. 


I’ve become fascinated with nasal breathing since watching your video a few weeks ago. Can you recommend a tape that is easy to remove from my mouth and lips in the morning (Preferably latex free)? I’ve tried a few different ones but they all seem difficult to remove. Also, can you discuss some of the benefits you get from nitric oxide from nasal breathing? 

I use breathe right strips every night to help me breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. You can also use a thin strip of silk latex free tape, from the upper to the lower lip. It forces you to breathe through your nose. 

It turns out that about half of us breathe through our mouth instead of our noses and yet we’re meant to breathe through our noses. This is due to poor habits brought on mostly by environment.

For example, babies breathe through their noses. 

Nitric oxide is one molecule that probably  interacts with every facet of your health. It’s a gas and a vasodilator. 

They actually came up with a medicine years ago that increases your nitric oxide, which is Viagra. Viagra is a nitric oxide releaser, which is a vasodilator. This doesn’t just work for ED. It can also work for your lungs. 

Breathing through your nose sterilizes the air you breathe in through your nose. It warms and moisturizes your breath, It also sterilizes it. 

Nitric oxide is great for every aspect of your body. 


As a 36 year old male, what are some natural things I can do to delay needing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? 

First off, if you have symptoms of Low T, check your Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone levels. I see a lot of people with “normal” total testosterone levels and still have every symptom of Low T. That’s why you need to check a Free testosterone level. It’s the one that works. 

Here are some things you can do to naturally boost your own testosterone level: Lift weights and exercise in general. A good night’s sleep will boost your t-levels as well as your own growth hormone production. Growth hormone works synergistically with testosterone. 

You can also take natural vasodilators like L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, Beet Powder. 

The main thing is to stay healthy and stay lean. 

Get a baseline testosterone level and follow it. Figure out why your t-level is low. 


Can bioidentical hormone replacement therapy improve thyroid function? 

Yes it can because it improves metabolism, your insulin resistance numbers, and your immune system. If you’re overweight and have Low-T it can indirectly affect thyroid function. 

Always look at all the hormone levels, not just thyroid, testosterone and estrogen. You also need to look at insulin levels, cortisol, and Vitamin D. They all work synergistically. 


I know you use phentermine for weight loss. Do you use it as a jump start or maintenance? 

I use it as a jump start. It’s not good for maintenance because you get tolerant to it after only a few months. Sometimes I’ll use a combination of low dose phentermine and Topamax, which is FDA approved for weight loss. I use this sometimes for maintenance because you don’t get tolerant to it. 

Phentermine is a good short term appetite suppressant, but of course it’s not the total answer. You need to figure out your metabolism and eating habits. You need to look at sleeping patterns etc.