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Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note, where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. 

This week on the podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of my childhood friends, Mike Todd, and talk about something that he is passionate about and something that I truly believe in. 

Mike has a passion for helping people, and the perfect opportunity came along recently for him to work with a company that is quite literally “killing” the spread of Covid-19. 

I’m encouraging everyone to go over to the podcast and listen to this episode of The Common Sense MD on Ionopure, the pathogen killer. 

We’re going to be using Ionopure in our offices, and I want to share with you some of the things I learned from our conversation about this diffuser that kills pathogens. 

I’m really interested in the toxicity of these things coming out, because as you know Lysol can be toxic to humans. 

With Ionopure, your white blood cells make this. It’s natural to your body. It’s not going to hurt you. That’s what really got me interested in using it. 




Hypochlorous has been around for quite some time. The problem was how can it be harnessed and make it last. Its effectiveness goes down as soon as it’s not running. 

So, Ionogen, the company who makes Ionopure, set out to make a hypochlorous that is useful to humans in killing pathogens and last over a 90 day period. 

Ionopure basically harnessed the effectiveness and energy of hypochlorous. 

What’s interesting is that Ionopure was invented before COVID-19 came along. It was invented to attack bacteria’s and things like MRSA. It was made for issues that were happening in schools, churches, normal flu season, and SARS.

It’s going to kill any virus, not just COVID-19 in particular. 

Obviously, it’s a great application for the times we are living in now. 


What is Ionopure? 


It’s water based and hypochlorous. The way they make it is what makes the longevity of it, which is extremely important. They can package it and ship it in a way that makes it useful when it gets to its end destination.

So, how does it work?

You put this solution in a humidifier, and then it saturates the air. This humidifier constantly puts vapor in the air. By putting this vapor into the air, it kills pathogens on contact. 

It’s a mist, and makes a little bit of a plume. In larger rooms you want to have several of these at maxed out speeds. For our office, we will have one that goes on a low speed for longer periods of time. 

It’s proactive and constant. 

The key is saturation. You want the hypochlorous in the air. 

There’s also a mister that looks like a leaf blower. It shoots out 20-30 feet, so you can do it really quickly. You can actually see it spread out. 

When you start to see a haze and a fog you know you’ve got protection. Ideally, you want low speed for longer time periods instead of high speed for shorter.

And once something is sanitized, it’s sanitized until someone makes it unsanitized. 

It creates this huge layer of protection in the air.

For example, if you were infected with COVID and you exhale, this vapor zaps it right out of your mouth and nose.  

With COVID, it’s all about the viral load. How much of the virus you’re exposed to can often determine how sick you get. 

It works on surfaces as well as in the air. 

It’s non-toxic and very safe. 

It is 95.7% effective in the air once you get to saturation. It doesn’t take that long either to get to that saturation level. 

And it’s 99.9% effective on surfaces. 

Again, this is a pathogen killer that just so happens to also kill COVID-19. 


How To Use In The Home 


This could be used in the home or in a business. 

For those interested in putting it in the home, you will want to spray it an hour before people come over, have it on while people are there, and for an hour after people leave. This is especially useful if you have kids, and when they have their friends over. 

This is just another way to protect yourself during this season. Hope this helps you!