Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. 

This week we have another Covid-19 Update. 

Based on what I’m seeing and treating in the office everyday, I get a good feel for what’s going on with Covid. I’m going to share that with you today.  


Quick Update


First and foremost, we are not out of the woods yet!  In fact, we are starting to see another surge which means we need to BE READY TO TREAT EARLY.  

Covid-19 has been around for almost 2 years now and many questions remain… 

Why is Covid hitting the United States so badly? And why haven’t we developed herd immunity yet? 

I think the answer to the first question is mainly because we as a country are obese, out of shape, and have poor functioning immune systems. Plus, people are being denied early life saving treatment. 

To answer the second question, this virus has been mutating and the vaccines aren’t working as well as we had hoped. 

As I am writing this Note, there have been around 755,000 deaths and 48 million reported cases (which probably means there have been over 100 million cases) in the United States. There have been well over 400 million doses of the vaccine given. 

This means there are still a lot of unknowns. 

I think that there have been more cases than what’s being reported because I’ve checked a lot of antibodies, and a lot of people have had Covid and didn’t know it (i.e. no symptoms). 

I’ve seen a full range of Covid-19. I’ve seen people have it with no symptoms, to a mild cold. I’ve also seen people who had to go to the hospital, get on a ventilator, and die from Covid. 

Eighty percent of the people who have had major problems with Covid are morbidly obese, and at least that percentage have low Vitamin D levels. 

There’s a lot of things you can do to prevent Covid.

It’s also treatable, if treated early.  We have learned a lot more about it and are more equipped to treat it now. 

One key is getting your own immune system healthy, including taking a good dose of Vitamin D (which may be the most important thing you can do!). 

In my state of Tennessee we are seeing an uptick in cases right now. Covid is not going away. There are mutations occurring and most likely we’re going to be dealing with this for years to come.

It’s been very interesting treating Covid lately. 

I’m finding that close to half of the Covid patients I’m treating are fully vaccinated. The vaccinated can also spread Covid. To me this means that getting the vaccine is not a guarantee that you’re not going to get it or spread it. 

Note: it is however possible that getting the vaccine can reduce severity of symptoms and hospitalizations. That’s not clear to me, but I hope and pray that’s the case. 


Great News For The State Of Tennessee


Our legislature has passed a resolution that physicians can now treat their patients for Covid as they see fit.

It always should have been a patient doctor relationship with informed consent. 

To me this means that Ivermectin is not a dirty word anymore. They are putting the early treatment of Covid back in the physicians’ hands, instead of some non-medical bureaucrat telling us what to do and then threatening us. 

I’ve been using Ivermectin during this whole pandemic and it has been a godsend for treating Covid. Ivermectin has been great for prevention, treatment, and long covid symptoms. It helps everything. It’s affordable and very safe. It’s been grossly mislabeled as a horse dewormer, but it’s not. Of course veterinarians use it, just like they use almost every other drug we use. 

In fact, Ivermectin can be life saving. I try to get people on it as quickly as possible to hopefully prevent Covid from getting worse. 

You have to treat early and of course, there are still outliers. 

There are people who have been on Ivermectin prophylactically and still get Covid, just as there are people who have been fully vaccinated and still get Covid. Keep in mind that Ivermectin is just one of the treatments. Early treatment includes quite a few medicines and supplements. Ivermectin alone isn’t the answer.

I’m excited to announce that we are going to be treating all Tennesseans. If we have consent to treat, we are going to treat you! 

We have been treating our current patient base (via telemedicine) throughout the pandemic, and now we feel like we can help people outside of our current patient base. 

We have even more tools in our arsenal. 

I’m really excited about Monoclonal Antibodies. The infusions were difficult to get at first because you had to qualify, but now subcutaneous shots of monoclonal antibodies are available to most people and we are getting great results from that.

This, along with Ivermectin, antibiotics, steroids, and high dose vitamins, can turn Covid around pretty quickly, especially if you have an immune system that’s working well. 

Every case we see is individual. We take a detailed list of your medications and medical history, so treatments can differ. 

For example, there are some medications I would want to take you off of if you have Covid. 

I would immediately put you on high doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D, along with Zinc and Quercetin. I also use H1 and H2 Blockers and depending on the symptoms, high dose steroids and sometimes inhaled steroids. I’ve even sent Oxygen to people’s houses. 

Note: If you have a cold or Covid, do this immediately: 

  • Take 50,000 iu’s of Vitamin D3 for 5 days 
  • 2 grams of Vitamin C twice daily for 5 days 
  • Take Zinc (baseline of 50mg, push up to 75mg or 100mg with Covid)

Note: Watch your oxygen status by getting a pulse oximeter.

They are coming out with some oral Monoclonal Antibodies that are promising as both prevention and treatment for Covid. This can also be used for post exposure prophylaxis (to household members of those with Covid in the house). We have been using Ivermectin for these household members the whole time. 

You cannot predict who in the household is going to get it and who’s not. One may get it and others may not. People with premorbid conditions should be on alert. 

Monoclonals were made in a lab and traditionally have been used as cancer fighting agents. They can work to fight viruses also. I think it could be a hard winter for Flu and other viruses, so take your other common sense precautions as well.

The hope has been that this is going to die off, but that hasn’t been the case so far. We now know you can’t rely on the fact that you’ve been fully vaccinated. You need to consider all the other treatment methods and preventative measures. 

The key is EARLY TREATMENT for Covid. It gets a lot more difficult to treat if you wait 5 days or more.  

And remember, it always goes back to prevention!

Getting lean and eating the right kinds of foods. Getting good sleep and keeping stress (a major toxin) at lower levels if you can. It’s also about taking supplements (yes we need supplements), and exercising daily. 

Note: Maintaining and building good relationships also is very important for overall health! 

There has never been a better time for doctors to stand up for their patients and do what’s right for them. The key is getting early treatment if you have Covid. Don’t hesitate to get a test at home. Call a doctor who has experience in early treatment of this disease.