Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. 

This week we’re going to talk more about taking care of your own immune system. I think that’s the main thing we should be focusing on with Covid-19. It’s really not the virus you should fear, it’s your own immune system. 

We’re learning more every day about Covid, including more ways to treat it. One thing we know to be true is that it’s different for different people. In last week’s Note I detailed my own personal experience with Covid-19, if you are interested in comparing notes. 


Omicron Update 


We are starting to hear more about the Omicron variant. If you listen to the mainstream media they are foaming at the mouth. Fear tactics. Thankfully as viruses mutate, most of the time they get less and less virulent. 

The hope is that the Omicron variant is a 2 day mild illness. The main symptoms are being very tired, sore muscles, and maybe a dry cough. So far it’s been found that you retain taste and smell. We will see what happens with this variant. It seems that most people that have gotten it have been fully vaccinated. 

Do not fear Covid. Respect it and prepare for it, but do not fear it. 

I can’t emphasize this enough. 

If you catch it, treat it early! 

The vast majority of deaths with Covid have been in people who are over the age of 75, and most of them were sick with other diseases and in nursing homes. The chance of someone dying of Covid who is under the age of 50 is .05%. Under the age of 18 it’s nearly zero percent deaths. Very few kids are hospitalized with Covid and if they are, they are most likely morbidly obese. In fact, kids are 7 times more likely to die with the flu than Covid. 

What’s different about Covid is that it can ramp up your own immune system, causing a cytokine storm and blood clotting. That’s what you should be concerned about. 

Note: Remember to keep taking Vitamin D, C and Zinc.


How To Take Care Of Your Immune System 


  • Stay lean. 
  • Eat right. 
  • Exercise daily. 
  • Keep your stress levels down. 
  • Take supplements!

There’s a few supplements I want to highlight in this Note that I haven’t talked a lot about:

  • L-Arginine 
  • Monolaurin 

I added L-Arginine to my regimen when I got Covid, and I’m seeing it help a lot of my patients as well. L-Arginine a nitric oxide agonist that helps you produce more nitric oxide (a vasodilator). It’s been proven to reduce severe cases of Covid. 

Note: Take 1,000MG of L-Arginine if you get Covid. 

One other supplement that’s been on my radar lately is Monolaurin. This is a combination of lauric acid and glycerol, which is found in mother’s milk and coconut oil. Monolaurin destroys about 99% of viruses, as well as bacteria and fungus. 


A Few Other Things To Think About


Vitamin D is essential for everybody. Make sure you check your levels. It’s good for your mood as well as sleep. Remember, it’s a hormone. 

Zinc is also essential. It destroys the Covid virus. It does need a way to get into the cell, which is why you take Quercetin. 

Elderberry, echinacea, and glutamine are all really good for the immune system. 

Ivermectin is no longer a dirty word. There’s been a ton of studies that show that it’s a good treatment protocol. Even Vanderbilt University has just opened up a large trial treating Covid with Ivermectin. Ivermectin works at all stages of Covid-19. It also works for Long Covid. 


Final Thoughts 


We are two years into Covid and we’re still seeing a lot of it. 

We should be hopeful because we’re learning more ways to treat early. Things like Monoclonal antibodies and other weapons are being added to the arsenal. 

Keep your own immune system strong so you don’t have to fear viruses. We need to be focusing on the prevention side as much as the treatments that are available. 

In medicine it seems like we’re always searching for a new pharmaceutical drug or vaccine that is making somebody billions of dollars and we don’t focus on keeping our own immune system healthy.

There are both repurposed pharmaceutical medicines as well as natural medicines that are at our disposal now to treat Covid. 

Test and treat early and keep yourself prepared. Don’t take Covid lightly. It has killed a lot of people worldwide. 

You’re going to have to take some supplements. 

Other things you can do that I like: 

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Avoiding sugar
  • Sauna use 
  • Getting good night’s sleep 
  • Exercise 
  • Control your stress levels 

Your immune system is your weapon to fight disease, so take the time and effort to make it strong.  

Take care of yourself.