Morning everyone!

Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. 

This week we’re going to talk about a common household product that can also be classified as a medicine: BAKING SODA 

I recently read the book “The Baking Soda Secret” that reminded me of how useful BAKING SODA is! I think you will be amazed (as much as I was) at how it can help you live cleaner in a toxic world. Let’s get started.  


What Is Baking Soda? 


The WHO (World Health Organization) put BAKING SODA on their list of essential medicines back in the 1970’s. So it’s good to keep around. 

BAKING SODA is sodium bicarbonate. You’ve probably used it before if you’ve had acid reflux. You put a tablespoon of it in a glass of water when you have heartburn and it will calm your heartburn down. You do this because it’s alkaline in nature, which means it neutralizes too much acid. 

For years I’ve put it in my coffee, especially when I was drinking a more acidic coffee (now I drink organic coffee which is less acidic). 

Note: There’s a difference between baking soda and baking powder. Both make things rise. What you’ll notice is that baking soda has just one ingredient, and baking powder has a number of other elements already in it. 


The Ultimate Alternative


BAKING SODA is the ultimate alternative in this toxic world we live in. I’ll start with a few obvious ones that were mentioned in the book, and then list off a bunch of other cool uses. You probably already know a lot of these, but some might surprise you! 


  • Baking soda is a very effective cleaning agent. There’s so many cleaning agents we use that are very toxic. Baking soda isn’t toxic and it’s sterile, so it cleans almost everything, i.e., bathroom toilets, sinks, etc. 


  • You can also use baking soda as toothpaste or mouthwash. 


  • It even kills roaches and fleas. You can use it on your pet and it’s totally safe. For example, if your dog has fleas you can bathe him/her in it. 


I learned a ton of “everyday” uses for BAKING SODA from this book. Here are a few others that really stood out to me: 


  • You can put it in your refrigerator for a clean smell. 
  • You can sprinkle it in the bottom of your shoes so your feet won’t smell and your shoes won’t stink. 
  • It can remove stains in your carpet. 
  • It can be an insect repellent. You can even put it on mosquito bites and bee stings and it will immediately calm them down. 
  • You can use it as a shampoo. 
  • If your pet gets sprayed by a skunk you can use baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent to help get the smell off. 
  • It’s an alternative to pesticides. So instead of using Roundup, use baking soda. You can also revive lifeless plants with it. 
  • If you’re cooking beans, add baking soda. This can offer gas relief.
  • It makes foods fluffier. 
  • The air in your house is 5 times more polluted than the air outside. You can use baking soda to deodorize your house. 
  • You can combine baking soda with white vinegar to use as an effective cleaner. You can even clean produce with this. 
  • You can put baking soda in the bottom of a garbage can to help with the smell. 
  • It can clean barbecue grills.
  • If you have ingrown hairs on your face, you can use it as a paste to help the ingrown hairs come out.
  • It helps with burping. As I said above, it can relieve acid reflux and heartburn. 
  • You can use it if you have sensitive teeth. 
  • It can help with inflammation. It works great for sore knees. I like to use it with apple cider vinegar for this. 
  • It will inhibit yeast, fungal, and bacterial growth. It’s kind of like an antiseptic (and it’s totally safe). 
  • I’ve known people who get eczema relief from it. Epsom salt baths work great, but you can also take a baking soda bath. 
  • Eases cold symptoms. 
  • Relieves discomfort from Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s). 
  • It can help prevent kidney stones because it alkalinizes the urine. 
  • It can have an anti cancer role. Cancer loves sugar, but it also loves acidic environments. 
  • It can treat chronic kidney disease. 
  • It probably helps prevent osteoporosis. 


BAKING SODA can be used as a beauty product too. The average American woman uses 12 products containing 148 different ingredients everyday. The average man on a daily basis uses 6 products containing 85 different ingredients. We are bathing ourselves in dozens of chemicals! 

Bottom line is we live in a very TOXIC environment. You need to start thinking about this, especially if you have brain fog or chronic fatigue. Pick up some baking soda and try out some of the uses above. It’s cheap and it works. Maybe even pick up a copy of this book just to have around the house.  

Live your life clean!  

Just common sense.