Morning everyone!

Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. With the Omicron surge going on, I have been reminded of my old Boy Scout motto BE PREPARED! I’ve said this many times before, if you treat early and take preventative measures, you will do fine with Covid. Of course, there are outliers, but it’s important to focus on the positive and BE PREPARED to move through Covid. 




I’ve been thinking about sharing my “Covid Box” for quite some time. I’ve used it with every member of my family when they have had symptoms or tested positive (which we all have!) 

When people get Covid symptoms or test positive they call our offices and ask what should I do first? We’ve treated between 2000-3000 Covid patients thus far and the answer is always the same: Get started on your vitamins and make sure you have the necessary over the counter supplies. Remember, there are many things you can do right now (besides the telemedicine prescriptions) to BE PREPARED. 

Note: Prescriptions are important, but the medications I prescribe are tailored to the specific weight and pre-existing health needs of the individual. For this note, let’s get you prepared with everything else.  




As far as getting yourself ready, VITAMINS are an equal part of the treatment. Start now putting them together.  Hopefully, you are taking most of these for preventative measures anyway. 

In my “Covid Box” I have: 

  • Vitamin D (works for any respiratory tract infection)
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc 
  • L-Arginine – I like this a lot when you get Covid 
  • Quercetin – Very helpful. It acts as an ionophore. It helps the Zinc get down into the cell to kill the virus. Don’t take it at the same time you take Ivermectin. 
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – Great bronchodilator. It also pops up your Glutathione levels which is the most potent antioxidant. 
  • Super Omega 3’s – You should be taking this daily anyway. 
  • Zinc 50 mg – Take with food. 
  • Melatonin at night. 3 MG or more. It’s not just for sleep. It really helps with Covid. 




  • XLear nasal Spray – Helps kill off the virus. 
  • CofixRX – Betadine nasal spray. This works well for any bacterial infection or virus.
  • Betadine Mouthwash – Start using early when you get Covid. 
  • Zyrtec – Antihistamine that has a lot of Anti-Covid properties. 
  • Pepcid AC – Over the counter antacid. If you’re on a PPI, stop taking it and take 2 Pepcid AC a day during Covid. 
  • Mucinex – Helpful to loosen up bronchial secretions. 
  • Soothing Lozenges 
  • Manuka honey – If you take a couple of teaspoons of this it really helps. It comes from New Zealand and has properties that regular honey doesn’t have. 
  • Ibuprofen and Tylenol (When I got Covid I wanted the fever so I didn’t treat it with ibuprofen. Mine got up to 102. I wanted my own body’s heat to kill off the virus. If you get uncomfortable, have ibuprofen around. It also helps with aches.) 
  • Pulse Oximeter – We follow your progress with Covid by your Oxygen Saturation levels 
  • Thermometer 

I know this seems like a lot and can really hit your wallet hard IF you wait and try to buy it all at one time. That’s why I am writing this note. START EARLY. BUY a few things at a time. Use our checklist. Make Vitamin D, C and Zinc the priority.




GO AHEAD AND START YOUR COVID VITAMIN PROTOCOL (everything on the list BUT the prescribed medications).  NEXT…CALL YOUR DOCTOR for a telemedicine visit. Antibiotics and Inhaled Budesonide (my next week’s note!) are game-changers, so it is important to find a doctor who is willing to treat Covid early so you can get those on board.  

In my experience of treating both mild to severe cases of Covid, I am convinced that BEING PREPARED takes some of the stress off the word COVID so that your body can focus all its energy on fighting the virus. 

Just Common Sense. BE PREPARED.