Morning everyone!

Welcome to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. Today I am going to talk about my new Doctor Rogers’ CBD products: Full Spectrum Daily Boost, Full Spectrum for Muscle and Joint, Full Spectrum Sleep Blend, and the Delta 8 for Relaxation. Four different formulations. All made locally. All pure CBD. 

In this note, I will go over the list of ingredients that are in each one, along with a short explanation of the various CBD forms included in each. Note: each form has a specific effect on the body.

Let’s dive in. 


CBD for Health 


CBD is huge now. Everyone is selling it, even your local gas station probably stocks it. As I have said before in previous Doctors Notes and podcasts, I am NOT keen on its recreational use, but I AM keen on its medical use.

I think medical marijuana is a great thing for certain people. I don’t like it for kids, but for older adults who are suffering, it could help. CBD has been used for thousands of years. Although it has been demonized in the United States in the past, I think people are starting to come around to understanding some of its benefits. Getting into the research of CBD (the part that doesn’t have the psychoactive THC in it) has helped. 

Note: There is a variant of this called Delta 8, which I will talk about later in this Note. Delta 8 is the safe and legal way to get around the no THC rule (at least in Tennessee and a lot of other states that prohibit medical marijuana). 

I’ve taken a deep dive on CBD in the last several years, taking many courses on the topic. I’m pretty familiar with how to use it and what to watch out for. CBD is from hemp. It’s a type of cannabis sativa plant. It enhances your body’s endocannabinoid system, which includes your brain and spinal cord (where everything starts), so it affects almost all the cells of your body. 

CBD helps: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Sleep
  • Decreases pain
  • Decreases inflammation 
  • May be helpful with cancer and autoimmune diseases 


The Different Forms of CBD


Full Spectrum: This has all the parts of the cannabis plant, but less than 0.3 THC in it. 

Broad Spectrum: This has all the parts of the cannabis plant, but doesn’t have any THC in it. 

Isolate: This has only CBD. In this one, there’s no terpenes or plant compounds that naturally occur in hemp. Therefore, it’s really not that useful. I never use it. Isolate CBD cannot create the “entourage effect”. A lot of the different forms of CBD (from the whole plant) work together to make it more effective. That’s why I like Full Spectrum. 

Note: For example, with medical marijuana, they found that combining the THC with CBD is the most effective way to do it. 

Delta 8: This has the psychoactive THC in it. Delta 8 is legal and more potent than CBD. It’s actually a cousin of Delta 9 (marijuana). It’s a way of getting around it. Note: THC is what is in marijuana. The only difference between Delta 9 and Delta 8 is a double bond in one of the carbon chains. The Delta 8 is about half as potent as Delta 9. A lot of people prefer it. They don’t want that high that they get from marijuana. It does somewhat affect your brain, and it will show up on a drug test, so be careful. It’s also possible that the Full Spectrum could show up on a drug screen. That would be rare, because you would have to take a lot of it, but it is possible. 

Note: The Broad Spectrum will not show up on any drug test. 

I like the Full Spectrum. And for certain reasons and purposes, I like the Delta 8. A lot of people  like it. One of my older patients told me that the only way he and his wife can work in their yard is by taking a Delta 8 beforehand. 


There’s Even More Forms of CBD!


It turns out that there’s more! There’s actually 120 different substances in the cannabis sativa. And each has specific effects on the body. 

CBGa is the mother of all cannabinoids. When heated (decarboxylation) you lose one of your carbons and it turns into CBG (which is very non-inflammatory and has a lot of good properties like analgesia). It works to decrease muscle tension and helps with cancer and glaucoma. We’ve known that for years. 

CBN comes from THC, but without the psychoactive properties. It’s great for insomnia. I put this in my Sleep Formula. 

CBDA is more potent than just CBD. It acts as a COX2 inhibitor for anti-inflammation (think Mobic and Celebrex, which are COX2 inhibitors). It’s great for reducing pain. Great for nausea as well. In a lot of studies, they will combine CBDA with Zofran in Chemo patients. It really works better than just Zofran alone. In general, marijuana (and even CBD) can increase appetite and help nausea. 

There’s another one called CBDV which is great for neuropathies, migraines, epilepsy, and maybe even help in autism. 


Doctor Rogers’ CBD Gummies 


I have formulated four different CBD Gummies. 

Full Spectrum Daily Boost: A BOOST of energy. Usually taken in the morning. It helps to clear your brain and give you what I call “calm energy”. I really like this one for focus. I’ve been taking one every day. It helps with IBS as well.

Full Spectrum for Muscle and Joint: Loaded with lots of different forms of CBD, for people (young and not so young) that hurt, have arthritis, joint pain, muscle tension, and/or fibromyalgia. 

Full Spectrum Sleep Blend: With CBN to help you sleep. You could take Melatonin with it or take it by itself. Great additive for bedtime.   

Delta 8: For RELAXATION. Feeling calm and comfortable when you don’t have a lot of obligations. You do not want to take this during the day, unless you’re not doing much. It’s pretty potent, having some THC in it (which is legal). Like Delta 9 (marijuana), Delta 8 comes in three different forms: Sativa (think energy and creativity), Indica (which is mellowing), and a hybrid of these two which is what I prefer, and what we use in our Delta 8. Note: I do recommend you start with a half of one of these because it is potent and can have some psychoactive properties. A lot of times with this sort of thing you want to start out slow to see how your body reacts to it. 

It seems that people like the gummies more than the sublingual. All my CBD formulations are 100% natural and chemical free with natural flavorings (small amounts of sugar and tapioca). They’re also tested for contaminants which is very important in today’s world. You do not want any kind of contaminants in there. In the supplement world, there’s not much oversight. I want to make sure that my supplements are pure, not contaminated, and don’t have artificial ingredients in them.  

Note: I use gummies. I don’t like to smoke anything because of what it can do to your lungs. The gummies do take longer to kick in, so be patient. 


In closing…


I love having my own products, made uniquely for Performance Medicine. This past year we’ve developed three new lines of products: 

ONE: my local, raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized HONEY, which I think has so many health benefits (allergies, for example) Note: It has to be pure, local, raw, and unpasteurized. You really can’t get that at grocery stores. 

TWO: my Performance Medicine Vitamins (Doctor Rogers’ Formulations). I worked with a compounding pharmacist out of Oregon called Freedom To Formulate, and with them I have been able to come up with my own version of different vitamins: Immune Supplements, Energy Formulas, and Stress Formulas. I like them because they’re unique. I wanted certain ingredients in particular amounts, and they were able to help me do that. My Super Multivitamin is packed with high doses of most of the basic vitamins that you need. 

And now, THREE: my Doctor Rogers’ CBD gummies. Four different kinds of CBD products that you can add to your arsenal in your journey to hurting less, being less inflamed and more relaxed. As always, do your product research (especially with CBD and Delta 8).

Till next week.