Welcome everyone to another edition of the Doctor’s Note where we talk about what’s on our minds when it comes to your health. 

The older I get the more invested I become in the road to longevity. It’s not just about living longer that’s intriguing, but staying healthy in the process. That’s why I love the research, the deep dives, and conversations with like-minded people such as today’s guest, Josh Davis. 

Josh Davis, PT, DPT, CSCS and co-founder/owner of Tri Star Strength X Rehab has been on my podcast several times giving us practical, common sense nuggets of longevity. Today his focus was on various training methods for seniors.  

Most people over 60 are more interested in not hurting than maintaining six pack abs. I am 69 years old, and I can honestly say that I don’t care about the six pack anymore, I just want to not hurt, be less stiff, more flexible, maintain muscle, have better posture and good balance. I want to maintain the ability to sprint, ride bikes, work out, and play pickleball.  

To achieve those longevity goals, you need to have the right training. What I love about Josh Davis is that he is a Physical Therapist AND a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. This is an advantage for seniors with health limitations, such as bad back, bad knees, etc. Plus, Josh owns his own business. As I have said before, if you go out on your own, cash only, you have to be good! 

I hope you’ll check the full episode out! There is much to learn! 


  • Josh compared designing training programs to choosing a vehicle suited for specific terrains. He used the analogy of driving a Hummer for a cross country trip, which would not be wise. A Hummer is better for off-road, not the right vehicle for a cross country trip!  It’s so important to tailor exercise routines to individual body types and capabilities. Tri Star’s new small group training program encompasses cardiovascular health, strength and power output, tailored to individual fitness levels using various assessment tools. 
  • Tri Star Strength X Rehab particularly focuses on training Type 2 muscle fibers in older adults to preserve their power output and combat age-related muscle mass and strength decline. 
  • The newly introduced small group training sessions at Tri Star are designed to focus on improving cardiovascular health, strength, and power output. The sessions are structured to foster a supportive community atmosphere where participants motivate each other, sharing goals such as enhanced longevity and decreased mortality rates from common health issues.
  • Consistency and training smart are key for overall fitness. 
  • It’s crucial to train for mobility, stability, and strength to prevent falls and maintain independence as people age. 
  • There is a connection between hormone imbalances and osteoporosis in women, and muscle weakness in men. You can’t build muscle without hormones. 
  • A recent study showed a correlation between low cardiorespiratory fitness and higher mortality rates. This means you need to exercise regularly. Dr. Peter Attia (in my opinion, the world’s expert on longevity) says your VO2 max and your muscle mass are by far the best predictors of your health span and longevity. That’s huge! 
  • VO2 max is a measure expressed as a two digit number that gauges how effectively your body can use oxygen. It calculates milliliters of oxygen your body uses in one minute, per kilogram of your body weight. As you increase your physical activity, your demand for oxygen goes up. The greater the capacity to consume oxygen efficiently, the more energy your muscles can harness. Those with a higher VO2 max can sustain aerobic activities at a stronger pace for a more extended period than those with a lower value. 

The way that Josh talks about training sounds like fun. I love that it’s people helping people get stronger, become healthier, to hopefully live longer. Josh is getting ready to open his brand new facility that I’m super pumped about. His GRAND OPENING is May 30th. He’s going to have a DEXA scan as well as a VO2 MAX. Super cool!

Community creates accountability and accountability creates sustainability. Wherever you are, and whatever your longevity goals may be, I encourage you to find a community like Tri Star to help you get there. 

Stay educated. Stay healthy. 

Till next week.