Dr. Tom Rogers

Medical Doctor, Founder of Performance Medicine

Dr. Tom Rogers is Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, and Board Certified in Sports Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M). He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology, as well as an MBA, from the University of Tennessee. He then went on to earn his MD from East Tennessee State University, and completed his residency from the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Rogers spent over 25 years in a traditional family practice before deciding to go out on his own. Simply put, he was frustrated. He’d see the same types of patients over and over, put them on the same medications, and they weren’t getting better. It was also during this time that two of his three kids were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and he realized he couldn’t help them because he didn’t know enough about nutrition.
In need of CME, Dr. Rogers sought out some educational opportunities and happened upon an A4M conference in Las Vegas. The week he spent at that conference changed the way he saw and treated patients, and thus changed the course of his career. It was there that he realized that the majority of the patients he was seeing could get off most all of their medications and significantly improve their health by only losing weight. His mindset as a physician was shifted, and getting to the root cause of why patients were feeling bad and unhealthy became his focus.

He started his own practice in 2007 called Performance Medicine, a functional/integrative medicine clinic that specializes in hormonal evaluation and treatment, weight loss and nutritional therapy, and anti-aging. Dr. Rogers has since opened 6 clinics in the East Tennessee
area, with 3 current Performance Medicine locations in Kingsport, Johnson City and Knoxville.

Dr. Rogers is a member of the board for JDRF, as well as a member of the TMA and A4M
(American Academy of Anti-Aging). In 2013 and 2017, Dr. Rogers was named the Tennessee Men’s Health Doctor Of The Year from the Tennessee Men’s Health Network in Nashville, TN. He enjoys learning and speaking on the current state of healthcare, as well as new advancements in medicine and trends in the health and wellness space. He is an avid cyclist, and loves music, guitar and sports.