Hormone Management

Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

BHRT is for both males and females.

  • Do you feel tired and run down?
  • Has your sex drive faded or disappeared?
  • Do you lack motivation to do simple tasks?
  • Do you have excess belly fat?

All of these are potential signs of a hormone imbalance and should be diagnosed by a physician trained in integrative medicine. Doctors of this discipline seek to understand and treat the root cause of the problem rather than putting a proverbial band-aid on the symptoms. People who are experiencing these symptoms are often told it is a part of aging. In most cases, this is simply not true. Our treatments can be lifechanging.

What can BHRT do for you?

  • Increase lean body mass, decrease body fat, improve workouts
  • Enhance libido and sexual desire, increase energy
  • More consistent mood and focus, better sleep, relief from depression and anxiety
  • Increase of overall well-being and decreased chance of developing osteoporosis

Forms of Hormone Replacement

The most common forms of hormone replacement are creams, gels, shots, and pellets for both males and females. We have found that most of our patients prefer pellets for their hormone replacement. Pellets give a more even release of hormones over a course of 3-6 months. All are completely bioidentical and safe for all patients.