Performance Medicine offers a lot of services, and we try to be as much of a “one stop shop” as we can. For your benefit, we’ve decided to just list out the things we do and specialize in, with a brief description of the service. As we add services for our patients, we will update this page.

You can find most all of these conditions and treatments written about in more detail by Dr. Rogers in our Doctor’s Notes.

Hormone evaluation and treatment

This is what we do the most of. We treat women and men (mostly ages 40-70) who are going through Premenopause, Menopause and Andropause. Men with low testosterone. Men with prostate conditions. We use all the available forms of creams, injections, or pellets for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.

Weight loss and nutritional counseling

We use tools like the HCG Diet; Prescription medications like appetite suppressants and insulin sensitizers; We also use more natural options like supplement and nutrition counseling. If there’s a safe tool to help patients lose weight we use it.


Colds, sore throats, UTI’s, rashes etc.

Lab evaluations

We offer full in house lab services. We also do a lot of ancillary labs such as The Cleveland Heart and the Dutch Test (which tells us how your hormones are being metabolized), in addition to Food Allergy testing, Access Cortisol testing, Micronutrient testing, and the Dunwoody Advanced Intestinal Barrier. 

GI Evaluations

We believe that everything starts with the gut, as it’s one of the first things we look at in detail. Leaky gut is a common condition we treat. What are you eating? 

Sports Medicine

We offer Sport’s Physicals. We also have an in house Physical Therapist in our Tri-Cities locations for all the weekend warriors. 

Diabetes Management

We manage a lot of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Anti-Aging Medicine

We do medical aesthetics like Botox and Fillers. We also do a lot of vein work (spider veins).


We have a full time Aesthetician who specializes in Microneedling, Microblading, Dermaplanes, Chemical Peels, Facials and Microderms. In addition to minor cosmetic procedures and aesthetics, we also sell medical grade skin care and makeup. A full list of our aesthetic services and products with descriptions can be found here.

Supplement Counseling

We are huge believers in vitamins and supplements. We offer extensive vitamin and mineral testing to help patients see where they are deficient. 

Autoimmune Disorders

Thyroid Disorders

Hashimoto’s etc.

Joint injections

Steroid shots in the specific joint causing the problem. We also offer ultrasound guided PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma) injections for more severe cases.