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What is Performance Medicine?

Dedicated to helping patients achieve their maximum potential through listening, educating, and promoting Total Health.

At Performance Medicine, our goal is to get you looking and feeling your best.  We base our practice on improving your health through bio-identical hormone therapy, weight loss/management, cosmetic procedures, skin care, and nutritional counseling.  We help you make changes and improve behaviors that promote optimal health and prevention of disease.

Our weight loss and hormone therapy programs are supervised by an experienced physician along with a professional staff that is friendly and knowledgeable.  With convenient locations in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Knoxville Tennessee, Performance Medicine is your best choice for safe and effective, doctor-supervised body transformation.

How are your diabetes medications working?

There are many medications used to treat type 2 diabetes ranging from Metformin to Glucotrol to Ozempic to Farxiga. Diabetes medications are prescribed at time of diagnosis usually from A1c lab level (a 3 month average of blood glucose). In order to get patients at...

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The 2019 Diabetes State of the Union

Hey everyone! This is Andy Rogers, one of Dr. Rogers' newest PA's in the Johnson City Clinic. We see a ton of diabetics at Performance Medicine, and in this post I wanted to share a few things that I work on with our patients that I think will help a lot of you who...

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Should Medicare Be Free For All?

This week, we're going to talk about our healthcare system, what is happening with the 2020 Democratic debates that many of us watched, and why I don't think free healthcare addresses the healthcare problem we have. Please note that these are just my opinions based on...

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