That wonder drug is Cialis (Tadalafil).


There’s many reasons we call Cialis a “wonder drug”, which we will go over in this Note.


Most of you know Cialis as a drug for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It’s my preferred drug for that. It’s also indicated for BPH (large prostate).


The Many “Off Label” Uses 
There’s many other “off label” uses that Cialis works for.


I was in Nashville for a conference a few years ago and met a couple of Cardiologists from Boston. As we were talking they told me something that took me off guard.


They told me that Cialis is a more beneficial drug than statins to protect your heart.


That’s HUGE coming from a Cardiologist.


I’m not a big statin fan because I see the side effects, and I think they’re mostly overused UNLESS you’ve had a heart attack, stents put in, had bypass surgery, or have major risk factors for heart disease.


So, one of the most important and beneficial off label uses of Cialis is that it’s cardio protective.




Cialis works by releasing nitric oxide, relaxing small blood vessels in the arteries, so it brings down your blood pressure. We also know that it works for pulmonary hypertension.


The many uses and benefits of Cialis:
  • We’ve used it for prevention of altitude sickness.
  • In men and women for Raynaud’s Phenomenon. This is where your fingers and toes get cold and blue, especially in cold weather.
  • Treats sexual dysfunction in males receiving antidepressants.
  • Increases exercise capacity in men and women. Some use it an hour before exercise to get a better “pump”.
  • Increases sexual performance and desire in women.


Cialis vs. Viagra and Levitra 
One of my favorite things about Cialis is that there’s few to no side effects. I’ve seen a few patients with low back pain.


I prefer it to Viagra because it’s a little more subtle.


Use it an hour or two before sex.


The other two (Viagra and Levitra) can give you a headache and flush you.
It’s a daily low dose.


How To Take Cialis
You take it at the same time everyday. Don’t take it with heavy meals or grapefruit because both will negate the good side effects. Alcohol will sometimes interfere. Avoid Nitroglycerin for your heart.


Cialis stays in your system for a couple of days.


I’m obviously a big believer in Cialis. It lowers blood pressure, protects your heart, and increases circulation.


The only bad thing about Cialis is that it used to be real expensive. Now there’s an affordable generic (Tadalafil).


In all of our offices we dispense a compounded sublingual form that’s combined with Oxytocin that has added benefits.


We also dispense the plain Tadalafil tablets.